Saturday, July 08, 2006

A wise remark - the future of energy

The oil price reached a record high again this week... the most sensible thing I've heard recently was Lord Oxburgh, former Chairman of Shell (profile), at an event held by Climate Change Capital, a specialised merchant bank.

He said the world's infrastructure was "fundamentally optimised to extraordinarily low energy prices and cheap natural resources. Neither of those premises holds true today. I believe the days of cheap energy and cheap natural resources are over". He went on to argue that energy-using and producing infrastructure turns over ever 30-40 years, so there is a 30-40 year window available to reoptimise to new conditions that are here to stay
(podcasts of the event). I suppose that's obvious once it has been said, but it was refreshing hear it put so clearly and by a grandee of the oil industry.

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